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Building a Retro Gaming Rig – Part 1 – vswitchzero Aug 22, 2017 ... The Pentium II and the 440LX/slot-1 socket were released about a year earlier in 1997. ... cover on the Celeron, but it's whats under the heatsink that counts. ... It probably died at some point and was removed as I could see the faint ... across a great deal on a 100MHz FSB slot-1 Pentium III processor. How to Choose and Mount a CPU Fan: Everything You Need To Know Jun 28, 2013 ... Together they're commonly referred to as the heat-sink/fan combo or HSF, for short. ... Step one, get the socket type: There's a variety of CPU sockets out there. .... on the CPU: Either (1) a vertical line, (2) a horizontal line, (3) covering the ... remove the thermal paste on the CPU and the heat sink using 90%+ ...

I now understand the fan options for my GX1. I have some more Dell S1 P3's coming, and I will see if I can remove the two Dell black heatsink retention clips (Part 9955D) which hold the P3 to the Dell heat sink and reuse it to attach a new, different P3 S1 to the Dell heat sink (Part 7472D RDJD).

Intel CPUs - Vogons Wiki Apr 17, 2018 ... 6 Slot 1. 6.1 Pentium II; 6.2 Celeron; 6.3 Pentium III. 7 Socket 370 ... Intel CPU removal tool for Low insertion force (LIF) sockets ... necessary as they were merely 486DX2s with fancy heatsinks and a slightly modified pinout. What is Socket 370? - Definition from Techopedia

See more like this INTEL SL35E PENTIUM III 500/512/100 SLOT 1 HEATSINK PROCESSOR. Click & Collect. New Intel A25416-001 Slot 1 CPU Heatsink with Fan. Pre-owned. £14.95 ... See more like this Intel SL35D Pentium III 450MHz / 512 / 100 FSB Slot 1 CPU Processor and Heatsink. Click & Collect. Compaq 332874-001 Deskpro EP Slot 1 Processor Heatsink ...

Pentium II/III Heatsink/Fan for SECC-2 CPUs | The Slot 1 Pentium II/III CPU cooling fan is a combination heatsink and fan designed for cooling Intel Pentium II and III CPUs that use the newer SECC2 cartridge. A quiet running 5cm brushless ball bearing DC motor coupled with a high-efficiency blade design is capable of moving 9 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air. Intel Pentium III processor families - CPU World During its lifetime, the core of Pentium III microprocessors was shrunk twice - from 0.25 micron to 0.18 micron, and then to 0.13 micron. Like the previous generation of x86 processors, the Pentium III family consists of a few sub-families targeting different segments of computer market: Pentium III Xeon - high performance version.

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CPU/Heatsink Installation and Removal User's Guide Conventions Used in the Manual Special attention should be given to the following symbols for proper installation and to prevent product damage.